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Event bookings

Jadu Central can take bookings for for services or events within a form.

In order to use event booking within Jadu Central you must have an Office 365 subscription. Once you have an subscription, you must enable the integration.

Once your system has been integrated with Office 365, you can use form components to let your customers make and reschedule bookings. Once a booking has been made you can managed it from within Jadu Central.

Associated form components

There are two form components that relate to event bookings:

  • Event Booking Component: The Event Booking Component displays a month view, letting customers choose an available slot.

  • Existing Event Booking Integrated Component: When a customer is signed into a form any bookings they make will be saved to the database. The Existing Event Booking integrated component displays existing bookings that are saved to the customers account.

Associated form actions

There are three form actions that relate to event bookings: