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A galaxies site is a self-contained website with its own Control Center and allows you to create separate sites for events, venues or even your entire institution.

Jadu Galaxies provides you with the power to:

  • Manage internet, intranet, extranets and portal sites from one location.
  • Create web front-ends with a dedicated CMS while upholding standards-based, accessible CSS design.

Managing Galaxies sites

Galaxies are managed via the Galaxies menu.

If your account has permission to access galaxies, you navigate to their management area by the following:

  1. Click the Galaxies icon in the left navigation bar. The Galaxies menu will open.
  2. Click the Sites link in the first group of links. A list of sites will now be shown, with links to create new sites if your account has the appropriate access permissions.

The number of Galaxies sites that can be live at once is determined by your license.

Creating a new Galaxies site

Create site wizard

  1. Navigate to the Galaxies site management area.
  2. Click the Create site button. The Create Galaxies Site panel will open.
  3. Provide the Site name and the Web address (URL) values. The web address must be unique in the system, it can not conflict with any existing friendly URLs, routes, or other Galaxies sites. Once complete, click the Next button.
  4. Enter the Username, Password and Email address for the first site administrator account. Be careful - the username can not be updated later, however the email address and password can. Click the Next button to proceed to the next stage.
  5. Click the Create site button to proceed to create the site.

Once the site is created, the new site will be added to the bottom of the site list, and be shown in an offline state.

You will need to apply a design to the site before the site can be published. Click the Design link to do this.

Galaxies site fields

Groups form interface

Site nameThis will be the name of your Galaxies website. Whatever name you choose here will be used as the title for the site, and also what it will be referred to on the 'Sites' index page.
Web addressesFrom here you can enter a friendly URL for your website (e.g.
Domain name(s)You can optionally add a dedicated Domain Name if you have one registered (e.g. Custom domain names need to be registered through a domain registrar and configured with your nameserver details.
Default URLChoose which URL should be used by the site by default.
Owner EmailThe email address of the site administrator
Owner UsernameThe username of the site administrator. This can not be updated once entered.
Language packThe locale to use for hard coded text used in the site's templates.
LiveThe current status of the Galaxies site. If this field is disabled, you may need to publish your website.
Add to Enterprise GroupWhether to include this site within the standard Enterprise group used to define the scope and use of Homepage widgets across Galaxies websites.