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Document pages

Document pages are commonly used to publish long form content on your website. They can include links, images, tables, etc and be composed of one or more pages.

A document page record is composed of:

  • a header, to which metadata, categories, etc are attached.
  • one or more pages of content.

Managing documents

Documents are managed via the Publishing menu.

If your account has permission to access documents, you navigate to their management area by the following:

  1. Click the Publishing icon in the left navigation bar. The Publishing menu will open.
  2. Click the Document pages link in the first group of links.

Document header fields

Document header form interface

TitleThe title of this document, and all associated pages.
CategoriesNavigation categories associated with this content.
MetadataMetadata associated with this content.
Page structureThe default layout used for pages in this document on your website.
Password protectedWhether to request a password before a site visitor can view this content on your website.
Access levelSpecify the user level of your document. This restricts access to this content to a subset of the registered users of your website. Defaults to access level 1, which is unrestricted.
LocationLatitude and longitude of the location associated with this information.

Your document must contain at least one page before it can be submitted for approval in your site's publishing workflow.

Editing a document header

After a document header has been created, when you visit the document from the document pages management area you will be taken to the list of pages by default.

If you need to edit the document header, try the following:

  1. When on the list of document pages, click the Actions button to open the action menu.

Document page fields

Document page form interface

TitleThe title of this page. If this is different from the document title, it will be used as a subtitle on the webpage. Often if the page title is the same as the document title, it is not displayed on the webpage.
ImageA supporting image for the page content.
ContentThe rich text content of the page.
Page structureThe layout used for this specific page on your website.