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Announcements are intended to be used to inform your visitors of any essential emergency information Announcements will be placed within a dominant area of your organization’s website such the header. They will normally be viewable from every page within your site (the exact specifications on where these announcements will be displayed will depend upon your site’s design and your organization’s requirements).


In order to preserve the importance of your emergency Announcements it is essential you do not over use them.

Managing announcements

Announcements are managed via the Publishing menu.

If your account has permission to access announcements, you navigate to their management area by the following:

  1. Click the Publishing icon in the left navigation bar. The Publishing menu will open.
  2. Click the Announcements link in the second group of links.

Announcement fields


You can only display one announcement on your organization’s website at a time. Making an announcement live will take the currently live announcement offline.

Announcement form interface

TitleThe announcement title. This title will be displayed on your website when the announcement is live.
ContentA short text description of supporting your announcement. Maximum of 200 characters.
Link URLThe web address the announcement links to.
Live textThe clickable text of the link URL.
LiveThe status of the announcement.