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Actions menu

Many actions are located in the actions menu of a page. The specific actions available vary page by page.

Action menu

These include:

Change ownerChange the admin account designated as the owner of this content.
Default URLUpdate the default, or "canonical", URL of a page
DeleteDelete will remove the chosen content from Jadu Central.
FilterFilter the list of items in the management area of a particular content type.
LockThe Lock option will let you apply a content lock to the content for a specified period.
New {{ item type }}Create a new item of a given type.
PreviewPreview changes to this content on your website.
Save as...Duplicate a piece of content.
ShareShare this piece of content with another site on the same system.
Track ChangesCompare previous versions of this content.
TranslateCreate a translation task for this content.
UnlockThe Unlock option will let you remove a content lock from content.
View HistoryDisplay the full editing history of the chosen content.
View LinksInspect the links to and from this piece of content.
View LiveDisplay the latest published version of the chosen content.
View TranslationsView previous translations of this content.