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WebDAV may be disabled on your environment. It is not available on Windows servers, nor in Galaxies sites.

WebDAV saves you time uploading multiple files from your computer.

WebDAV files can be used in:

Generating a WebDAV password

WebDAV connections use your existing username, but a separate password which will expire after 6 hours.

To generate a password, try the following:

  1. Click your username in the toolbar at the top of the page. The admin menu will open, select Settings from the available options. The Settings form will open.
  2. Click the WebDAV tab, and the WebDAV area will open. On this page, the connection details for your system are shown.
  3. Click the Generate Password button, the application will send a password generation link to the email address linked to your administrator account. The email will have the subject line "WebDAV - Password Request".
  4. Open the email, and click on the Generate password link. The browser will take you back to the Control Center, to a page showing your new password.
  5. Make a note of your password, and login to WebDAV using your username and the password from the previous step.

The password can not be retrieved after the window is closed, but a new password can be generated at any point - even before the last password expires.

Force expire your WebDAV password

  1. Navigate to the WebDAV password management area.
  2. Click the Expire Now button.