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Advanced Announcements

The Advanced Announcements feature provides enhanced functionality for creating and managing site announcements beyond the core announcements capability.


In the core system, announcements are applied site-wide without any targeting capabilities. The Advanced Announcements add-on allows web managers to have more control over where announcements appear and additional options for scheduling and labeling.

Key Features

  • Category Targeting: Site taxonomy categories can be assigned to announcements, limiting the display of an announcement to only those specific category pages.
  • Content Editing: Web managers have a full document editor for crafting the announcement content.
  • Severity Labeling: Announcements can be labeled as "Informational", "Significant", or "Severe" to denote their importance.
  • Scheduling: Announcements can be scheduled by setting a start date/time and end date/time for displaying the notice.
  • Publishing Control: A live/archived flag allows web managers to control when an announcement is actively published on the site.

announcement list announcement form


With Advanced Announcements, web teams can deliver more precisely targeted announcements to relevant site sections. This reduces noise for general visitors while ensuring important notices reach the applicable audiences. Improved announcement capabilities can reduce avoidable contact to customer support by proactively surfacing key information.