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· 2 min read
James Jacobs

Installing a cookie consent banner has become mandatory for websites in many regions due to evolving privacy laws. However, with so many options out there, it can be tough to select one that truly delivers an accessible user experience.

Many cookie banners unfortunately miss the mark when it comes to accessibility for those relying on assistive devices. But designing an inclusive site means considering how consent managers integrate with screen readers and other technology used by visitors.

After evaluating numerous solutions, we've had consistently good results using Free Cookie Consent from FreePrivacyPolicy.

However, to help achieve accessibility, we recommend selecting "Headline dialog" for your banner style. This should make the banner display at the top of the page statically (will scroll with page content and not positioned over other content).

When you select "Simple dialog", the banner will be displayed at the bottom right of the page, and overlaps other elements. This can result in WCAG 2.4.11 "Focus Not Obscured (minimum)" AA failures, when a user keyboard tabs through the page and focuses an element behind the cookie banner.

If you have already copied a snippet from the site, this can also be achieved by changing the notice_banner_type option in the code snippet from simple to headline.

· 10 min read
Sarah Backhouse

Jadu has merged our Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal products into a single product, Jadu Central.

What is the name of the merged product?

The merged product will be referred to as Jadu Central, and will contain all functionality of Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal.

Why is the merge happening?

We are merging Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP, as the vast majority of our customers already have both of these products, and reconsidering our distribution methods will allow us to make patch and installation processes smoother and snag-free.

Jadu Content Portal is built upon the Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP platform. As a result, the merger will again make maintenance and future development of the product a smoother experience for customers and partners.

When is the merge going to take place?

Q4 2022 and it will be available via a patch release which we will plan with you.

What are the main user interface changes in Jadu Central?

  • The text size has been increased in a number of places, especially buttons and labels, improving readability and clarity
  • Interactive controls like form fields and buttons are physically larger, they're easier to see and their target areas are larger to meet current accessibility guidelines
  • Links are more obvious and strongly defined, with higher contrast against regular text, and a consistent stronger underline
  • Content landmark areas are now more clearly defined, visually, through the use of colour and contrast, but also defined with code using semantically appropriate section elements, the position of the main headings has also been changed to improve navigation with assistive technology and allow anyone who relies upon headings to navigate around a given page to be able to find what they're looking for
  • Breadcrumbs have been tweaked to make them more useful, and those are now consistent across the software
  • Homepage widgets can now be quick-searched, handy if you have a long list of custom widgets and you know you want to find the 'map' ones
  • Some help text and labelling have been improved here and there, like when deleting a document, the option now clearly explains the scope of the action you're about to take instead of just 'delete'
  • Modals are generally larger, given more space to breathe,
  • The sign-in experiences — which differed between CXM compared to CMS and XFP have now been brought closer together visually, and you're still able to change the main colours in Jadu Connect to reflect your organisation's branding - they’ve also been prepared so that we can add additional authentication options such as SAML integration to the login screen
  • We've been able to strip out a lot of older styles which catered for browsers which we no longer officially support, some components have been completely rewritten in the background to take advantage of newer design capabilities in CSS, we can do some things like more reliable responsive layouts with much less code these days, you might not see any visible differences, but fewer lines of code and fewer supported browsers makes it easier for us to test and release changes, which is a big win
  • Textarea elements with character limits have a new accessible character counter, which also warns when you're getting close to the limit
  • Date pickers have been replaced with a more accessible calendar
  • Tooltips, which display additional information when you interact with an element, are now compatible with screen readers and other assistive technology, and also now work with touchscreen devices which don't have a 'hover' interaction.


Who will be the product manager for the merged products?

All products are managed in the same way by the product management team.

What will the roadmap for the combined products be?

The roadmaps for Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP will also be merged, to incorporate milestones from each. This includes previously communicated work such as the retirement of the old form builder.

Licenses, costs and pricing

Will there be a change to GCloud listings?

Yes - Jadu Central will be listed initially with two components Content/Website( formerly CMS) and Forms (formerly XFP).

Which option do I need to choose on GCloud when it comes to renewal?

  • If you currently have both Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP, Jadu Central
  • If you currently only have Jadu CMS, Jadu Central Content only
  • If you currently only have Jadu XFP, Jadu Central Forms only

Will there be a change to my support costs?

The merge of the products will not affect support costs if you have both Central Content and Central Forms. If you have just the Central Content, you can continue to pay support for this, however the Forms features set will be available in your Control Centre but not implemented.

If you wish to use Forms going forward there are two costs:

  • Implementation of Forms Templates
  • Annual support for the Forms product

Will my contract renewal cost change as a result of the merge?

The merge of the products will not affect current contract renewal prices for the support and software elements, however a small increase (between 1% and 3.5%) has been introduced in relation to the software subscription pricing to reflect rising hosting costs which we have had to pass on to our customers.

What impact will this have on my Jadu product perpetual licence?

This will have no impact on your Jadu product perpetual licences. Licences for Jadu CMS and Jadu XFP will continue to be honoured for Jadu Central.

Will my hosting change?

There will be no changes to your hosting environments.

Does this mean I will automatically get Forms included? What if I don’t want to use it as I have an existing forms product?

Jadu Central will be distributed with both Content and Forms components. Customers who do not currently have Jadu XFP will be able to access Jadu Central Forms management pages within the Control Center but will not be able to deploy forms.

If you wish to use Forms going forward there are two costs:

  • Implementation of Forms Templates
  • Annual support for the Forms product

No additional website template changes, or implementation professional services will be included in the roll out of Jadu Central. As a result, if your Jadu CMS website was implemented without Jadu XFP, your website will not be set up to be able to publish Jadu Central forms. Jadu can provide a quote for implementation and annual support if you decide to enable Central Forms.

Business continuity

Will the same people who support the current products support and maintain the merged product?

Yes, the teams supporting Jadu Central will be the same teams who currently support Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal.

Will Jadu continue to support Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal as separate products?

Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal will be replaced by Jadu Central. You will no longer be able to purchase the products as separate entities.

All existing customers of Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal will see the branding of their system change to Jadu Central following the application of their next software patch.

Will my existing forms still be available?

Yes, there will be no changes to forms published using Jadu XFP.

Will my cases in CXM disappear?

The merge of Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP and Jadu Content Portal will have no effect on Jadu Connect, formerly Jadu CXM.


I paid for training in my support tier, will updated training be added or will I have to pay more?

Training videos will be updated to reflect the new branding, as will our user manuals. The underlying functionality of our products will not be affected by the merge, and there should be no need to retrain as a result.

Features and functionality

Will I now be able to publish Jadu XFP forms on my website?

See above - this depends on your current support and licence arrangements.

Will there be any new features and functionality added?

New features and functionality will not be added as a direct result of the product merge. However we will continue to deliver our product roadmaps.

Will I be able to use the Perceptive ImageNow / Perceptive Content integration?

The Perceptive ImageNow / Perceptive Content integration is a premium integration, and a separate licence will be required to use this where not already implemented.

Will my existing integrations still be available?

All existing integrations will continue to be available, and will be unaffected by the merge.

Will I be able to use the Hyland OnBase integration?

The Hyland OnBase integration is a premium integration, and a separate licence will be required to use this where not already implemented.

Will Jadu XFP forms be available on Galaxies websites?

Jadu XFP forms will not be available on Galaxies websites as a result of the merge.

What changes will happen to my data if I previously used XForms standard?

Jadu XForms standard was retired due to the increased requirements of GDPR, and removed from Jadu CMS in version 20.0.0. Data from Jadu Xforms standard was removed at this point, and will not be affected by changes when the products are merged to form Jadu Central.

What will be the change to my Jadu CMS?

Existing customers of Jadu CMS will see the product name, user interface colour scheme, and associated imagery change.

What will change when I install Jadu Central compared to Jadu CMS, Jadu XFP, Jadu Content Portal?

When Jadu Central is installed, it is anticipated that this will be a one step process that will not require separate actions to enable Jadu XFP or Jadu Content Portal.

As a result we expect that customers and partners will have a much improved experience when installing our products.

Partner impact

How will the change affect partners and resellers?

Partners and resellers will be expected to update their sales and promotion materials to reflect our new product brand, and reflect the change to a single product.

How will the change benefit partners?

Partners will benefit from a simpler patch and distribution process, which will be streamlined by the product merge.

Customer impact

How will the change benefit customers?

Customers will benefit from a simpler patch and distribution process, which will be streamlined by the product merge.

Will releases still be as frequent?

There are no changes to the frequency of our release as a result of the product merge.

Jadu Connect Forms

Does that mean XFP will be replaced by Connect Forms?

While Jadu Connect forms is in the early stages of development, we do not plan for Jadu Central forms (formerly Jadu XFP) to be replaced by Jadu Connect forms.

Jadu Central forms is an enterprise level, on premises form product with a focus on extensibility and deep integration with back office systems.

Jadu Connect forms will be a SaaS solution, aimed at creating lightweight forms to support case workflow and offline working.

Am I going to have to undertake a migration from XFP to Connect Forms? If so, will that be automated or manual?

We do not at this point anticipate customers migrating forms between the two products, as they are not envisioned to be like for like in their functionality.