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Retirement of Classic Form Builder

· One min read
Andy Green

We announced in 2018 that we would support the Classic Form Builder until at least the end of December 2020.

However, we understand that online forms are a key aspect of your service delivery, particularly at the moment. Therefore, we will continue to support the Classic Form Builder until the 1st January 2022, providing you with another year of extra time to upgrade and migrate your forms over to the Modern Form Builder.

Why make the move?

  • Forms are much easier to create, using the drag and drop functionality
  • Create simple or complex in-page branching logic to guide your users to the right place
  • The powerful rules engine enables you to automate actions, saving you time
  • Comply to the WCAG 2.1. Accessibility Guidelines with accessibility built into the forms
  • 70% of our customers are using the Modern Form Builder. We saw a big increase in the use of the Jadu Library during the pandemic in particular. Customers were able to adopt forms with a few clicks including Business Grant Forms, Volunteer Forms etc during the pandemic.
  • New features are only released into the Modern Jadu XFP Form Builder, including our latest accessibility updates.