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Signing out

Jadu Connect will destroy all tokens associated with the current user when they visit the logout page in Jadu Connect.

The logout page can be used like the /oauth/v2/auth and /oauth/v2/sso pages from the client application. By passing a client_id and redirect_uri Jadu Connect will check the redirect_uri is valid for the client and then redirect back to it.

Example URL to redirect the user to end their session:

OIDC Back-Channel Logout

Jadu Connect provides support for OIDC Back-Channel Logout.

If enabled, when a user signs out of Jadu Connect, a POST request containing a logout token is sent to the configured URI in line with the OIDC specification. These requests can only be made to an encrypted (https) URI. The third-party application should validate the token and logout the user from their application.

To enable Back-Channel Logout for your OAuth integration(s) you should contact Jadu Support.